dimanche 10 mai 2009

Reality check

Yesterday was great. We walked first to Pamploma, where we visited the church, then had a wonderful lunch ( salad with the region´s white asparagus and tuna, then kebabs of shrimp, fish , and the tenderest squid ever) on the plaza. It was a lovely walk through the Spanish countryside, the only downside was making sure we didnt step on cowpies or the 10-15 cm slugs. We motored at first, so that soon we were in front of everyone and felt as if we were alone for the next few hours.

We slept at Cezur Minor, where the wonderful hospitelara tended to people´s blisters. Fortunately, neither Nadine nor I were in need of her tender ministrations, a situation which I attribute to the Vaseline we slather on our feet three times a day. The albergue was divided into small rooms, about 5 bunks per room, and there were blankets. I slept like a log all night.

This morning, people were upset as apparently someone snored very loudly all night. At first I was worried it might be me, but Nadine assured me that a) it was definitely the man in the next bunk and b) no woman can snore that loudly. I never thought I would be grateful for Randy´s snoring, but that is why I can now sleep through it all!

Today started with pouring rain, walking through mud, then across an open field where the rain ran into our boots, and soaked us. I was reminded of what one German pilgrim said this morning i.e. that this was just like the army. I think I could pass basic training right now! I´m still slower on the hills than Nadine but I don´t stop half-way up, and my thighs don´t burn (my adductors were screaming on the downhill portion, though)

Tonight, the albergue had private rooms for 32 Euros, so I decided to splurge. It even has a TV. To my surprise, Nadine has not touched the Tv. She just said; All I want is hot water, toilet paper, and to know that the hair on the shower floor is mine! Our priorities are changing....

Till next time,


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  1. You've made it past Pamplona! WOO!!

    Wait till you get to the fountain of wine!