jeudi 7 mai 2009

Day 1

We decided not to take a day of rest and instead we took the Napoleon route to Roncevalles. I almost think I would make it up the first hill...but it got much better after that! There was a donkey at the top of the hill brayed his encouragement and pushed me to the top!...JUST FOR ME!! Special donkey!!

We went through the four seasons...saw snow,rain,fallen leaves and sunburn! A couple of rainstorms so we didnt get to enjoy much of the view at first...but soon afterwards it was magnificant! Worth every ache and pain.

Tonight we are staying in a hostel with over a 100 people in one giant room. There are only 2 showers so there was a little lineup. Nadine got nice hot water...I got cold and hot water from time to time. The people here have a sense of humour!! They served bean soup for supper.....100 people...bean soup....FART FART FART!!

I thank Nadine for typing this quickly for me. And addind her own comments...(fart fart fart). Tomorrow...were are heading another 27kms to Larasoana. Hopefully we will still be in shape and hoping it will be a little easier on the legs (MAs THIGHS!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HER FACE, PAPA, ON THAT FIRST HILL...OH BOY!! I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO COLLAPSE AFTER ONLY 2 MINUTES INTO THE CAMINO!)

Till next time,

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