vendredi 22 mai 2009


We've now been walking for over 2 weeks, and have covered just over 400 km. Today, we are staying at Terradillios de los Templaros.

Our days have quickly settled into a routine: Wake up around 5:30 to the rustling of plastic bags as the early risers get ready. By 6 am, there are enough people awake that someone turns on the lights or the music starts. Get ready, and start walking by about 7. Walk the day´s distance, stopping for a cafe au lait and bathroom break after about 2 hours, and a second shorter or longer break a couple of hours later, depending on the length of the day.

Arrive at destination. FInd a place to sleep. Take a shower. If we're not among the first, it is best to wait a couple of hours until the hot water tank fills again. (although cold showers do wonders for swollen feet). Handwash the day's clothes and hang to dry. Some places have washing machines, but there are usually long line-ups. In a couple of places, the hospitalero washed and dried all our clothes by machine for 6-7 Euros. It was worth it :). Hang out, write, go visit the town, etc. Supper around 7 (most places won´t serve supper before then). Most towns along the way have restaurants that offer a 'pilgrim's menu' for 9-11 Euros, which includes an appetizer, main course, and simple desert such as fruit or ice cream, as well as bread, and either bottled water or wine. Some people only stay in albergues where you can do your own cooking. We have done a bit of cooking, but it is just easier to go out. Start getting ready for bed and the next day by 9 or 9:30. Lights out at 10.

Today we did 27 km under a cloudless sky and a hot sun. Yesterday and today, we had to watch that flies didn't get into our noses or mouths. One of the Brazilians is a civil engineer who moonlights as a clown. He brought his clown nose with him. Yesterday, we came upon a group of schoolchildren on an outing and he put on his cape (i.e. the Brazilian flag) and his nose. The kids went wild. They chanted the names of Brazilian soccer stars. We took a video.

So far, we are on schedule. We are hoping to arrive in Santiago on Sunday the 7th, take the bus to Finnistere for the day on the 8th, and then fly to Paris on the 9th.
Home in 3 weeks!


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